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Inbody Composition Analyzer

The Inbody composition analyzer is able to measure what proportion of body weight is water (normally 60%), protein (indirectly measuring muscle mass), minerals and fat.

Body weight = total body water + protein mass + mineral mass + body fat mass

This then allows for a muscle: fat ratio to be calculated.

100% normal weight refers to the weight of a person given their height, referred to as BMI (body mass index). 

            BMI      =          weight (kg)

                                    height² (m²) 

Healthy BMI range between 18.5kg/m² - 24.9kg/m²

100% normal skeletal muscle mass refers to the ideal quantity of skeletal muscle mass for a person’s standard weight.

100% normal body fat mass refers to the body fat mass that a person should be for a person’s standard weight.

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