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We are excited to announce that we have some BIG CHANGES coming this Summer to Performance Health and Fitness Centre, specifically with regards to gym membership.  Now that we’ve been at this for well over a decade, we are really starting to hone in to who we are.  We are first and foremost a multi-disciplinary health care facility that is uniquely paired with a fitness centre, and we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible care.  We have highly educated staff with specialized training in a variety of health services, with physiotherapy at its core.  Whether you are looking for rehabilitation from an injury or aiming to prevent one, improving your sporting performance or simply striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we are here for you!  We excel at providing advice and support for a wide range of health and fitness goals.  

This summer, we are increasing value and stepping up the quality of ALL of our memberships to ensure every member receives more personalized care.  A number of months ago we started offering memberships transitioning to this model, but effective immediately, all new memberships will be more service focused.  Our new membership model will reflect how important it is to us that each of our members is supported and equipped with the knowledge and resources of how to train safely and effectively to get the most out of their health investments.  

Starting July 1st every new (and renewed) membership will include a meet and greet to welcome you to our fitness centre, tour the facility and show you how to get the most out of all of our equipment and services.  We will also cover safety and gym etiquette, which is essentially going over the ‘family rules’ so that we ensure all members feel safe and respected 24/7.  Additionally, this is our opportunity to get to know you better and chat about your personal health & fitness goals, so we know how we can serve you best.  

Going forward, whether you are joining us one month at a time or with a 3, 6, or 12 month membership, ongoing monthly fitness consultations are INCLUDED in your membership.  

These consults are individually designed for YOU to meet YOUR health goals and will involve ~ 30min of services from one of our fitness team members.  Some examples of how you may wish to use your services include:  

  • Personal training sessions (or double up with a friend or two for small group training)
  • Coaching sessions to design a periodization training schedule (maximize training gains)
  • Designing a customized workout plan (keep it new and fresh every month) 
  • Coaching on training technique (with or without video feedback)
  • Discussing injury prevention (or exercise modifications for current aches and pains) 
  • Goal setting and accountability (motivation!) 
  • Discuss nutrition and weight loss goals 
  • Two ‘In Body Scans’ to measure body composition (you get two because these only take 15 min)  ***inBody Scans are only offered to those members over 18 years of age***

It is our mission that each of our members is well educated on training safely and effectively to prevent injuries and see GAINS.  We want to set you up for success.  This is especially important for the 12 -18 year old athlete when muscles and bones are growing quickly and there is a great opportunity to create good health habits for life!  

As a result, the first 3 consults for our youth memberships will cover:

  1. Lifting Fundamentals (anatomy, biomechanics, proper technique, exercise selection)
  2. Strength Building and Hypertrophy (reps, sets, frequency)
  3. Periodization Training (planning training phases to maximizing training gains, prevent overtraining and peak on time).   

These sessions can be booked individually or with a few friends.  We realize that we may have members over 18 who are interested in these topics as well, and when able we will run a monthly group session for each of these topics and open them up to a small group of any members wanting to sign up.  

In other changes we plan to start posting the workout of the week with a QR code taking you to a brief video demo of each exercise in the workout!  As well, we will be switching the lockers over to rentals only and getting some new shelving for gym bags in a visible open area so those who do not want to rent a locker can keep a closer eye on their belongings!

As always our memberships include:

  • Access to the facility 24 hours/day, 365 days per year
  • A vast array of commercial grade fitness equipment for cardio and strength, including dumbbells up to 95lbs
  • Satellite TV including sport channels in the cardio section
  • Free WiFi throughout the facility
  • Beautiful showers and an infrared sauna in both washrooms with towel services provided
  • Private locker rentals 
  • A new posted workout of the week each and every week
  • A clean facility that is never overcrowded

To continue offering all of these great features, as well as the new individualized services, we will be dropping the ‘barebones’ pricing option, but will honour those who are already on those memberships until it is time to renew!  Our focus is on quality over quantity so we will also be capping membership, which will enable us to keep up with the cleanliness, privacy, room to breathe, and access to personalized services.  


One Month with one consult: $69+gst

Three Month with three consults: $62+gst per month*

Six Month with Six consults: $58+gst per month*

12 Months with 12 consults: $55+gst per month*

The above prices are the regular "adult" pricing. Senior, youth and couples priving is 10% less for all membership options. We also offer discounted pricing for AHS and emergency services employees, corporate memberships rates and football card savings. The BEST discount will be applied (discounts cannot be combined).

* Payments can be made monthly with a credit card left on file*

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