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Fitness Consultations

» Fitness Consultations
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Each consult is individually designed for YOU to meet YOUR health goals and will involve 30min with one of our fitness team members. Some examples of how you may wish to use this consult include:

  • Personal training sessions (or double up with a friend or two for small group training)
  • Coaching sessions to design a periodization training schedule (maximize training gains)
  • Designing a customized workout plan (keep it new and fresh every month)
  • Coaching on training technique (with or without video feedback)
  • Discussing injury prevention or exercise modification for current aches and pains; goal setting and accountability - for motivation!
  • Discuss nutrition and weight loss goals
  • If over 18 years of age, members can have two ‘In Body Scans’ to measure body composition (you get two because these only take 15 min)


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