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Benefits Of Membership

» Benefits Of Membership
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Here at Performance Health and Fitness Centre, we offer expert advice and support to ensure you train safely and effectively to reach your fitness goals.

Benefits Of Membership

  • Access 24 hours/day, 365 days a year
  • Monthly individual fitness consultations with a team member
  • Commercial-grade fitness equipment for cardio and strength, including up to dumbbells
  • Showers and infrared saunas
  • Towel service
  • Private locker rentals
  • Satellite TV & sport channels in the cardio area
  • Free WiFi throughout the facility
  • New weekly workouts posted out to members
  • Clean & tidy state of the art facility that is never overcrowded

It is our mission that each member knows how to train safely and effectively to prevent injury and see their fitness improve; we want to set you up for success. This is especially important for the 12 -18 year old athlete when muscles and bones are growing quickly, so the first 3 consultations for our youth membership will cover:

  1. Lifting Fundamentals (anatomy, biomechanics, proper technique, exercise selection)
  2. Strength Building and Hypertrophy (reps, sets, frequency)
  3. Periodization Training (planning training phases to maximizing training gains, prevent overtraining and peak on time).

These sessions can be booked individually or with a few friends. Members over 18 years of age interested in these topics can also join a group session, just look out for them and sign up!

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