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"We are very fortunate to have an efficient clinic with skilled staff readily available."
~ Peggy

"I have been running for a few years with no real training/coaching.  I have been injury free but wanted to increase my speed, so because I had been to see Rhonda about something else, I knew she did Gait Assessments.  This spring, I signed up for this assessment.  As always, Rhonda was very thorough and spent a lot of time assessing and then explaining the assessment to me.  I didn’t believe her suggestions could improve my speed and efficiency, but I thought I would try them.  AND THEY WORKED!!!!  No one was more surprised than me.  I can run a 5 k well under 30 minutes which was my goal (shaving off more than 5 minutes) and I’m working on running a 10 k under 60 minutes (I’m almost there, thanks to this assessment).  I have shared this information with all my running friends and they look at me like I’m crazy but if they actually try it, it works.  Her assessment made me faster and more efficient.  I hope she has gotten some referrals from me because I tell everyone about her.  I feel this assessment is beneficial to any and all runners, whether you want to run a marathon, get over an injury, stay injury free or just want to be a better runner.  Thanks Rhonda and Performance Health and Fitness Center.  You have made a HUGE difference in my life.  I also love the newsletters – they are full of good information and I’m hoping to come to some of your classes/workshops."  - Barbie

"As I increased my training after returning from a running injury I looked to the staff at Performance Physio for guidance.  The first step to achieving my overall running and fitness goals was to work with Registered Dietitian Nicole Doan.  Together we reviewed my food nutrition plan to ensure that I was feeding my body correctly.  The nutrition information received from Nicole allowed me to increase my energy and feel great while building muscle to support running.  I am able to train harder and have surpassed every goal.  I will continue to work with Nicole as I strive towards better overall health and fitness." - Greggory Jackson

"I have struggled with my eating habits for most of my life, tried many weight loss programs and strategies which has created nothing but a roller coaster with my weight.  A few years ago I began doing more physical activity by becoming a member of Performance and participating in the classes offered and one on one personal training.  I noticed great benefit physically, mentally and emotionally and as a consequence completed 1 or 2 half marathons a year since 2011 – something I am proud of as I started when I was 40 plus years old.  Despite the increased physical activity, I realized that there was a missing link in this journey to improved health and fitness and that had to do with my diet.  I was very happy to learn that Nicole Doan, Registered Dietician had joined the Performance Team and I quickly signed up for nutrition consultation. This included 3 visits and email support between sessions.  I was a bit afraid as I love my food and pretty excited when one of the first things Nicole told me was that food is to be enjoyed!  I quickly learned that I could still eat the food that I love however Nicole equipped me with many tools to evaluate the food I eat and how they all fit in(…or not) with the Canada Food guide.  I feel that the three sessions of education, encouragement and support has assisted me greatly in making some very positive lifestyle changes in terms of my diet.  In addition to the consultation I have attended a couple of classes offered by Nicole and have come away with very practical and useful information.  I would highly recommend nutrition counseling for anyone that is trying to make some positive healthy lifestyle changes. " - Lorisa Brower

"The compassion and knowledge of the people here go beyond words. Again, so thankful. Not only with my knee surgery rehabilitation but ... for the Vertigo and Fibromyalgia treatments ... for PRIME, Pilates and personal training. I can "move" again .... thank you so much." - Sylvia Parsons

"I like working out at Performance because of the 24 hour access, the friendly professional atmosphere and the sauna! I also find the advice from the trainers and physiotherapists very helpful." - Derek Wade

"As a medical practitioner I like to practice what I preach, and with the easy access at Performance, there are no excuses. As well, I can refer my patients with confidence, knowing that Performance will offer them professional help in attaining their health and fitness goals." - Dr. Pieter Bouwer

"I love my yoga class at Performance. They seem to tailor it to exactly what we need at the time. Not overly demanding and great strength and flexibility training. It is just very relaxing and peaceful and fun to be in her class." - Betty Birch

"My wife and I have been coming to the gym for the past year. We have noticed a great improvement in out overall health and well being. Instructors have been so helpful and they care about our success. It's hard work but also a lot of fun- and we have made from friendships along the way. At our ages, we need to build strength and muscles. It has been very helpful and something that we want to continue with as long as we can!" - Doug McKay

"I've been a member at Performance since 2012. I left for one year (2013) but came back because I found the staff very knowledgeable and friendly. The facility is very well equipped with high quality equipment. Also, with what Performance offers for therapy and wellness, this makes it excellent and unmatched in the area." - Denis St. Laurent

"Personally, being able to commit fully to my health has been a huge achievement. By utilizing the free childcare and making time to attend the variable fitness classes, as well as the speakers Performance offers, I was able to lose weight and create a supportive community in which I could be myself and celebrate my wins while understanding my setbacks. Having access to Bounce Back three times a week, a full gym and studio classes has been instrumental in my meeting my fitness goals as well as having a healthy preganancy. Since the gym is open 27/7 and there are a variety of times for classes I am able to make my health a priority by fitting it into my schedule and not the other way around." - Teela Lynn

"Rhonda is an amazing , awesome therapist!!! Cannot say enough good about her!"

"(Mat) is a very kind, empathetic person who showed genuine concern for my recovery & wellbeing"      - Dianne Baird

"Performance has done such a great job appealing to my demographic with the Bounce Back class. The child care, group setting, a wonderful, positive, and encouraging trainer, the class sizes, equipment in good working order, a clean, spa-like facility and resoonable pricing, I'm not sure what else you could do!"  ~Erin Lechert

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