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Personal training and our other fitness services are a great way to ensure you are getting the most benefit out of the time you are dedicating to your health & fitness. Whether you are starting out and not sure what to do, trying to shed a few pounds or trying to trim down your triathlon times, WE CAN HELP!

Our personal trainers all have post –secondary education in kinesiology and have worked with a huge variety of individuals to create achievable, realistic goals. There are a variety of services to choose from, depending on your specific needs.

Body Composition

A 20 minute assessment of your BMI, circumference, skin folds, % body fat and Health Canada comparisons.

$26.25 + GST

Fitness Consultation

A 1 hour consultation resulting in a gym or home based program designed to meet your fitness goals.

$65.00 +GST

Fitness Appraisal

A 1.5 hour full fitness assessment including body composition testing. A fitness program is then designed based upon your goals and the results of your testing.





Personal Training

One-on-one personalized fitness training for any goals in mind.

All Personal Training Sessions start with a 1 hour assessment. $65.00 +GST

A) 30 minute option: includes 1-One hour fitness appraisal to start and 11 half hour sessions to follow.

Cost $368 + GST ($29 per session)

B) 60 minute option: includes 12 one hour sessions with a full fitness appraisal to start .

Cost: $637+GST ($49 per session)

Group Personal Training

Grab a friend or two and receive personalized training together to achieve your fitness goals.

One-on-two includes- one full fitness appraisal included in the 12, one hour sessions.

$474.75+ GST per  person ($37.25 per person per session)

One-on-three includes1 hour individual fitness appraisals for each trainee to start and eleven 90minute shared training sessions to follow.

$452.75+ GST per person ($35.25 per person per session) 

Family Training

Here is a great way to incorporate family quality time with your daily fitness needs! Train your whole family young and old with a variety of challenging and fun exercises to keep every family member engaged! This will all happen in the privacy of one of our studios.

12-30 minute sessions $492+GST ($41 per session) 

Member Price: $432+GST ($36 per session) 

We can make just about anything work for you! We do have team training, small group training & privately booked classes available call for more info.

One on One & One on Two PILATES Training

Join our certified STOTT PILATES® instructor, Melissa Bolin, for personal training...Pilates style! Strengthen deep postural muscles as well as tone and shape up all areas of the body. She will provide a one hour assessment followed by five 1 hour personalized private sessions to meet your individual needs.

One-on-One Reformer Mini Sessions: $31 + GST per session

(Have a specific goal in mind, try this 30 min session)

One- on- One Reformer 1 Hour Sessions: $360 + GST

( 6-one hour sessions @ $60 + GST per session)

One-on- One Reformer 45 minute Sessions: $270.00 +GST

(6- 45 minute sessions @$45 + GST per session)

One- on- Two Reformer & Matwork: $223.50 + GST per person

(6- one hour sessions @ $37.25 + GST per session)


** NEW **  Nutrition Coaching

Learn how to count your macros, feel stronger, and surpass your goals with coaching and accountability to Robyn!  Finally achieve those resolutions, and keep them!

Initial month: $125

1 hour consult and 1-30 minute follow-up.  Discuss your goals with Robyn, take body measurments, and calculate macros for your goals.  A two week follow-up and reassessment is included in this initial fee.

Following months thereafter: $50

Stay on track with continuous accountabilty, motivation, education and support.  This includes one 30 minute in-person or over the phone follow-up.  Of course, enjoy unlimited communication via text and email.

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